Hotspot mapping guides interventions to conserve soil and water

The GIS maps clearly show erosion hotspots in the Gumara-Maksegnit watershed

In an approach that brings together a range of soil and erosion data, ICARDA worked with national collaborators to create maps highlighting erosion hotspot areas in the Gumara-Maksegnit watershed. These maps, completed in 2010, serve the important purpose of informing development workers on where to prioritize efforts to implement soil and water conservation interventions.

Using data derived from field surveys and geographical information systems techniques, the maps overlay data on soil depth, slope gradient, and erosion status. Erosion hotspot areas are defined as those areas with shallow soil depth (<50 cm), a steep slope (>30%), and severe erosion status. To confirm the field survey results, the research team consulted with community members in the watershed who used their own observations to identify erosion hotspot areas.

To find out more about erosion hotspot mapping in Gumara-Maksegnit watershed, Ethiopia, please contact Dr. Wondimu Bayuthe, National Project Coordinator, +251 913812515 or email

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