Announcing End of Project Workshop: Achievements and Next Steps

The three-year project “Reducing land degradation and farmers’ vulnerability to climate change in the highland dry areas of north-western Ethiopia,” funded by the Austrian Development Agency, is coming to a close in June 2016. The project is holding its final workshop on June 20-21 at AVANTA Blue Nile resort, in Bahir Dar.

The workshop will share project results and outcomes achieved by ICARDA and its partners ARARI, GARC, BOKU, and EIAR over the duration of the project. As next step, the workshop will also seek to identify pathways and new initiatives that could help promote and disseminate the project results widely through discussions with the attending national and international stakeholders, as well as farmers who were involved in the project research and demonstration activities in the field.

The project activities were built on interventions and the watershed monitoring and evaluation infrastructure established during phase I (from 2009 to 2013) of the project, titled “Unlocking the Potential of Rainfed Agriculture in Ethiopia for Improved Rural Livelihoods”.

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