Facts and Figures


The Gumara-Maksegnit watershed, North Gondar, Ethiopia, lies in the upper catchments of the Blue Nile River and Lake Tana. The watershed, 35 km southeast of the city of Gondar, was chosen as a pilot watershed to represent the northwestern Amhara region.


The Gumara-Maksegnit watershed has a population of 4246 made up of 1148 households.


The average rainfall in the area is 1170 mm. Approximately 90% of the rain falls between June and September.

Land Use

The watershed has an area of 56 km2. Three-quarters of the watershed is cropland, just under a quarter is forest, and the rest is villages and roads. The main crops are sorghum, teff, wheat, barley, faba bean, lentil, chickpea, linseed, and fenugreek.