Capacity building is integrated into all aspects of the project. All those involved have opportunities to build their skills and knowledge in integrated watershed management. Technical assistance, training, and support for research activities are being provided by ICARDA and the University of Natural Resources and Applied Life Sciences (BOKU).

Managing watershed resources

Leaders of community and watershed associations have received practical training in assessing and managing resources. Formal short-term training included courses for members of watershed associations on farm management practices, water management, and crop and livestock management. The project also builds the capacity of service providers and non-governmental organizations that work directly with farmers through short- and long-term training, workshops, and field days.

Field days and traveling workshops encourage communities, farmers, and extension staff to directly participate in the project and to learn by seeing and doing. These activities build the capacity of communities to make decisions about watershed management.

On-farm demonstrations directly transfer appropriate and affordable technologies to end-users. Demonstrations cover production of improved cereal and legume varieties, water harvesting and supplemental irrigation, tillage equipment and practices, mobile tree nurseries, and livestock production and management.

Research Training

The project is imparting research training to farmers, students and scientists. Farmers receive training to enable them to take part in the on-farm research, while several graduate students are working toward their Masters and PhD degrees through research projects in the watershed. Students registered with the national universities conduct their research under the joint supervision of ICARDA and BOKU.

Staff members in collaborating research institutions and national scientists also have the opportunities to receive training in resource assessment and management through short-term courses, study tours and workshops, offered by ICARDA and BOKU. These capacity building activities are empowering local institutions to manage and rehabilitate watershed systems and improve livelihoods of their communities.